Monday, July 30, 2007

New Model

Hey Everybody-
I wiped out this model in about 5 hours on Saturday. It is loosely based off of the suits worn by the militay characters in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It is based off of their underwater suits. Anyway, here you go!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don Quioxte

Hello Everyone!! So it looks like most of us didn't finish. Kyle was the only one to get as far as he did. I will be posting the new challenge this weekend, so you should warm up you wacoms and start practicing.
Anyway, since the challenge I have started two other models. The first being a version of Don Quioxte and the second being a Medic soldier from the WWII era. Below are images of both. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rough Environment

Here is the rough environment I was able to get done last night. I am going to finalize the boy and try to add in the final details to the mermaid before I add any more details to the environment.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Here is my test composition. I spent a lot of time last night working on the boy's pose, trying to remove any rigidity to the pose. Only a couple days to go, so I don't think I will finish color in time, but here is a check list of things I want to get done:

Finish the rough environment.

On the boy, his hands, face, socks, boots, and hair details.

On the mermaid, the micro details on her skin, the extra fin and scale details on her tail.

I will have most of tonight and almost all day tomorrow to try and finish, but overall I am really happy with where it is going.

Monday, July 9, 2007

ECHO, echo, echo.....

I seem to be the only one updating, where is everybody?

Anyways here is a more complete pose with my base mesh hair in place. I'm not sure I will get textures done, but I will see how much I can complete.

One week to go!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kid Update

No progress to report on the mermaid but I made some headway on the Kid. I still need to sculpt out most of his back side, and finish his hand, legs and shoes. Its only up to 150K polys so I still have a lot to play with for detail. As soon as I am done with the basic forms I will start splitting up the symmetry.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Update 070307

Worked on fleshing out the hands and began posing out the body. I gotta crunch a little on this during the 4th so that I can start work on the kid, otherwise I'm never gonna get him done in time.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I zprojected my head onto my base mesh and started to sculpt out the body and tail. I will have to spend a good amount of time on the hands soon because they are a big focus in both of my composition ideas. Finally starting to make some progress though.

Hello everybody!

thanks for including me in the challenge. The concept for my circus freak is based off of a very rare, painful, real-life disease called Harlequin-type ichthyosis (also harlequin ichthyosis, ichthyosis congenita, or keratosis diffusa fetalis).
more info here:

my charcater's show name is the Harlequin Man. Little is known about his life previous to the circus except that he was originally from El Salvador and was traded from another circus for a mysterious reason. His appearance is horrifying, though he is not a creature of hostile intension. He spends most of his time engaging with the audience with wailing moans and stomach turning sucking sounds. He is unable to leave his cell and is manacled to an iron ball, which Harlequin slowly drags along the straw ridden floors when bored or in anquish.

I plan on getting to the 3d aspect once im finished with some more concepts, including a turnaround. for now I have a few studies of his face, gait, and back (which is mangled and shows signs of skeletal problems as well as the stiffness of hardened skin.

I'm looking foreward to getting this guy on the screen by this weekend!


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Body Update

Sea Queen Body WIP001

What up everyone!! So here are a few images of the current state of the sea queen. I just got her body modeled in Maya and z_projected the sculpted head onto the body tool. I will post more images as I detail her body out. Till them here you go!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Quick Update

I'm going to do a few more sketches of what I want the final composition to look like. In the meantime here is a couple of concepts of a boy who is going to be looking into the tank.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Update

Here is a test head for the mermaid. I wanted to get back in the groove of sculpting a female face which I haven't done in a while. I'm going to un-pose the mesh next and kick it out to start building the base for the body.

More tomorrow... hopefully...

Sea Queen Head WIP

Zbrush "Sea Queen" Head
Here is the latest and greatest for the Sea Queen. I have roughed out the head and the hair. I am still in the process of adding the eyelashes and the head band, but
here she is anyway. Let me knwo what you think.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Pass Pose

I'm working on my imprisoned mermaid idea, here is a first pass at her pose. I think she will be sitting at the bottom of a very small grimy water tank on wheels. I want to play with some ideas for her tail and fins try to stray away from the traditional. I was also thinking of pushing her hair more in the direction of a seaweed look, kind of a camouflaged for her in the water.

More later when I get sometime.

Preliminary Silhouettes

Here are some silhouettes I've done.

My initial idea was to do conjoined twins or someone with a parasitic twin. Now I'm leaning more towards a deformation of the upperbody with the forearm split at the elbow. I still like the idea of a man with a parasitic twin sitting.

The last one in the top row is the front runner for me. I'm going to make his act cast him as some sort of Indian prince. Might have some sort of mutant tiger chained behind him as part of the act.

I'll probably make my base tonight or tomorrow. Any feedback is cool.


Blind Knifethrower / Bernardo's model

Hello everyone!! I am posting for Bernardo at the moment because the blog is completely in chinese where he is, making it very difficult to know what you are doing when posting. so here are a bunch of screens from Bernie's model so far.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Concept Art "Sea Queen"

Head Sketch WIP
Hey guys, so I got the head to a point where I feel that I am capturing the concept in the paintings, so now I am going to move onto doing the prototype of the body. Having this will really help with defining the bodies proportions and overall look. Let me know what you think.

Concept Sketches / Paintings 001

Here are some rough concepts of the character I am going to do. This first page was just about getting to know the character. These drawing and paintings are jsut exploratory. From warm up seesion like this I can begin to form a understanding of the character I want to make. Don't feel that each and every painting has to be good at this point. you could even do things such as scribble, to get a good idea of form going.

This second image is a more refined version of
the character and describes more of the costume. I spent a little more time figuring out the pose to ccapture what her story is.

Here we have the "Sea Queen". She was just a chubby waitress at a local restaurant when a man from a circus came in for some dinner. When the man saw this lady at the establishment, he had a burst of inspiration and quickly convinced her that the life of the circus sideshow would be good idea. So the waitress left with the gentleman and began her life on the road.
Now she isn't really half sea creature and half human. She jsut puts on a suit and sits in the tub for the attendants of the circus, but know one knows the difference. They all like to see the freak. so instead of serving hush puppies she hangs out at the sideshow and plays the role of the "Sea Queen"

There will be more to come as the days move forward. This is my start and I am sticking to it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Post your reference Links

Hey Guys-
Post all of your links that you find. Thanks!!

Z-Challenge Kick Off

Let the Modeling Begin!!!!!

The first ever Z-Challenge has begun here in Central Art!!!

Break out your Wacom Tablets and flex your fingers becasue we are in for a knuckle busting modeling frenzy. To kick off this challenge each person is going to create a character that fits into the life of the Carni. Carnival "Freak Show" is the topic!! Imaigne yourself cuaght in the middle of the annual town Carnival, where cotton candy, cheap rides, and expensive games surround your senses. Your curiosity leads you to a large structure comprised completely out of tents. Inside many oddities await your imagination. What do you see??

Submission Guidelines

Concept Sheet
Compile one or two sheets of all your thumbnails and final concepts. These sketches should demonstrate the direction that you are moving in and how you intend to build it.

Give regular turn around shots of your character to show the rest of the team your progress and include some quick descriptions of how you are achieving certain effects.

Beauty shot
show off your model with style by composing the maquette in the best pose for you character.

Texture Sheets
Show us how you put the texture together, if you use the polyPainting technique then show us some close ups of the nice texture detail you will create.

As an added incentive, there will be prizes for different catagories of models. So for instance if you create the most humorous model you might win a whoopie cushion or if you create the most sick and twisted character you might win a mcFarlene toy. Who knows, but I can't wait to see what is created!!

Happy brushing!!